Spring arrives Sunday evening and for most of us, it won’t be too long before we turn our thoughts to some backyard living. With outdoor living comes the desire for outdoor music, but that desire pretty much always ends in up disappointment: Generally outdoor speakers that last sound like the intercom system in a World War Two-era tank, and outdoor speakers that sound decent don’t last.

Since we hate when things like that happen, we’d like to remind you to check out our Ventura Series as you get ready to upgrade your outdoor sound system.

The sound quality you get when you install KEF in your outdoor space is unsurpassed, but there are several other features standard on our outdoor products that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Our Ventura products are Salt Spray Tested for over 1200 hours, ensuring years of trouble-free enjoyment in harsh elements like those found on boats or ocean-side installations. The Ventura has also received an Ingress Protection Certification of IP65 which means we shot high-pressure streams of dust and water at our speakers and their performance proved to be completely unaffected by dust (the “6”) and only marginally affected by high-pressure jets of water shot at the speakers from all angles (the “5”). Basically, what this all means is that the Ventura is over-engineered to withstand a beating far more intrusive than the one they’ll get on your deck.

All the hardware is brass or stainless to withstand the elements, and to prove how strongly we stand behind the products we offer a 5 Year Warranty. All of this combines to give you years of amazing trouble-free operation without having to compromise sound quality.

So, before you start your outdoor-living DIY projects this spring check out our Ventura Series, or tell your installer / dealer that you've decided to go with the best outdoor product out there, KEF Ventura.     

Ventura comes in three models:

  • Ventura 6: 6.5” LF drive unit with a 1”  tweeter, handles up to 125 Watts
  • Ventura 5: 5.25” LF drive unit with a 1” tweeter, handles up to 100 Watts
  • Ventura 4: 4.5” LF drive unit with a .75” tweeter, handles up to 80 Watts