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Roon + LS50W - A Quick Primer

With the announcement that KEF's LS50W is now Roon capable, here's the 411 on this amazing opportunity to enjoy your digital music library like you've never been able to enjoy it before.

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KEF + Roon

KEF announces LS50W compatibility with our parnership with Roon, truly giving music lovers the best of both worlds.

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In Defense of Quality, Or, How Ditching Lo-Res Made Me Like Music Again

Hearing is believing. The downside to that old adage is that if you hear low-quality sounds long enough you’ll start to believe high quality sound doesn’t matter.

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50 Years - 5 Songs - 50 Weeks:1976

Disco was beginning it's dominant run on the charts, but Monster Rock reigned supreme. So it came as no surprise when punk reared its angry head and shook its indignant fists at us all just a year later. 

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The Origin of the Lullaby

The lullaby is universal across all cultures, but why? What was the original purpose of the lullaby and why did cultures across the globe adopt it as a way to soothe infant children?

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Remembering the Soldier's Sacrifice Through Music

This Memorial Day, as we pause to reflect on the sacrifices of those who died in the line of duty to their country, we can take a journey through the history of the soldier’s story as told with music. The selected songs embody the story of the soldier through the eyes of the contemporaneous culture and hopefully it’s an interesting look at how music has told the soldier’s story from the present back to the American Civil War.

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