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Bi-Amping 101

Like a lot of tech in the audio world, bi-amping is often misuderstood, so we're going to shed some light on the pros, cons and myths. 

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Finding the Right Amplifier For Your Passive Speakers, Part I

Choosing the right amplifier for you passive speakers doesn't have to be difficult, but in case you're a glutton for punishment here's some basic information to help you pick the right amplifier for your speakers.

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Distortion - Understanding the Specs

Every component adds some level of distortion along the audio chain, changing the original signal along the way. The simple truth is that regardless of what you spend you will never hear exactly what was heard in the recording studio or concert hall. Another simple truth is that the differences may be so slight you will never notice them, and of course, the higher in quality your components are the closer you will get to the original.

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