In September 2015, KEF launched the EGG Wireless Digital Music System, which was designed to provide today’s music fan with the perfect blend of functionality, quality and design. In addition to the most sophisticated and acoustically accomplished version yet of KEF’s iconic ‘egg’ compact speaker, the KEF EGG also offers a choice between Bluetooth aptX functionality and high-resolution music compatibility via USB.

We reimagined our iconic ‘egg’ design to create a package that satisfies the demands of music lovers in the Digital Age: Wireless music has seldom sounded so good. Simply put, there is too much good music out there to relegate our listening experiences to cheap and under-performing desktop speakers; the EGG elevates your music to levels previously found only in music systems costing thousands of dollars.

The KEF EGG is a complete, ‘plug-and-play’ package, with built-in amplification and DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter). Whether you stream music wirelessly from your computer or handheld device, connect optically to your TV (with the option of adding a KEF subwoofer), or play high resolution music through the system’s 96kHz/24-bit Mini USB input, the KEF EGG offers effortless set-up and state-of-the-art performance in a completely self-contained and compact music playback system.

The EGG delivers lossless high-res sound from source to output and the system’s meticulously designed and engineered drivers and cabinets produce sound performance that easily stands in comparison with audiophile speakers of considerably larger size. The result is a sound that’s fluently detailed, distortion-free and flawlessly faithful to the original performance.

Featured in its latest and most evolved form, the EGG utilizes KEF’s proprietary and patented Uni-Q driver array. The Uni-Q is designed to deliver the perfect point source while dispersing sound more widely and evenly than is possible with conventional speakers. To preserve the fine detail of the original performance, the tweeter is internally vented to prevent distortion in the critical vocal region due to pressure build-up behind the dome. The dome geometry is optimised to avoid disrupting the waveform for a smoother and strikingly natural-sounding HF response.

With its stylish design and choice of colors, the new EGG perfectly meets the design needs of the contemporary home, while offering a level of accurate stereo separation and wide and intricately detailed soundstage that most other products in its class cannot begin to emulate.

KEF’s unique tangerine waveguide helps sound radiate spherically for wider and more even dispersion, ensuring everyone in the room enjoys the same superb sound quality, regardless of where they are seated. In addition, KEF’s ingenious Z-flex cone surround guides the sound from the tweeter across the surround without any disturbance or secondary radiation.

Being stiffer than conventional materials, the aluminium midrange cone maintains its rigidity to ensure maximum clarity throughout the frequency range, whatever the volume. The driver incorporates a damping ring that eliminates the break-up modes that can give mid-range frequencies a hard edge thus leaving the listener with an exceptionally fluid and transparent performance.