By Jack Sharkey, April 28, 2017



As we left the century that gave us popular music, the music was still about what had gone before mixed up with what was new. Little did we know that the technology that had made music accessible to everyone on the planet but which had evolved slowly over the past century was about to change the entire industry in a virutal blink of an eye. 


Breathe - Faith Hill Country - especially country by solo female artists - was huge in the latter part of the nineties, and no one was bigger than Garth Brooks' former back-up singer Faith Hill.



Smooth - Santana ft. Rob Thomas Sixties and 70s rock stalwarts Santana teamed up with arguably the biggest rock star of the late 90s for the song that ear wormed its way into everyone's heads over the summer. 



I Try - Macy Gray A simply beautiful song of lament and loss made all the more poignant by Gray's incredibly unique vocal style mixed with an absolutely superb production and arrangement. 



Wonderful - Everclear A throwback to the days when we liked our rock stars a little dangerous and dysfunctional as opposed to soft and cuddly dysfunctional, Art Alexikakis and gang's big hit off of their 2000 tour de force of living a horrible life Songs From An American Movie Vol. 1 touched a generation of equally angry and alienated kids (are there any other kind?)



Try Again - Aaliyah Just 22 years-old when she was killed in a plane crash in August 2001, Aaliyah was so far ahead of her time that it boggles the mind to think where she might have taken her career had she had the chance. Listen to any female pop artist in the years after her death and you will hear the influence of what might have been.

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