By Jack Sharkey, June 2, 2017



Music was all over the place, specifically the pop charts. Jam bands, gangster rap, lite pop, and a bunch of other stuff found room on our mixtapes and favorite radio shows. The mid-90s were a time when genre didn't matter as much as good music did. 


Creep - TLC There is a straight line that runs directly from the Stax studios in Memphis with Isaac Hayes on one end and TLC on the other.



Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio ft. L.V. Rap still had its edge in 1995. It hadn't yet become just another genre to be used to sell soap and afternoon chat shows. N.W.A., Public Enemy and Coolio were the folk artists for their times.   



I Know - Dionne Farris Overlooked as just a one-hit wonder, Farris' influence (an alumna of hip-hop pioneers Arrested Development) can be heard twenty years later in the cross-over stylings of hip-hop and Americana and straight-out pop. All Hail the one hit wonder who changes the landscape.  



Runaround - Blues Traveler There's also a straight line that runs out of Macon, Georgia out to San Francisco and then to John Popper's harp and lyrics. Blues Traveler brought the jam band scene to the fore before we knew there was a jam band scene (Deadheads excluded from that last statement).  



Hold My Hand - Hootie & the Blowfish Maybe the last blockbuster album that became part of the culture, Cracked Rearview owned everything in 1994 and 1995. The album is fabulous with some serious songcraft on it, but we're all still a little too burned out on it to pull it out the CD rack and give it a spin. That's a shame.    

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