By Jack Sharkey, April 7, 2017



Week 14 is all about 2003. Radio was still king, and although file sharing of older music was in full stride despite the shutdown of Napster, new music found its way to us predominantly via radio. The industry model in place since the early 1950s seemed like it was on solid ground with no threat to its dominance. Very few people, even the techiest among us, had a clue how muh that was going to change in the next half decade. 


In Da Club - 50 Cent For the foreseeable future - and for better or worse - when you think of 2003, you will think of this song. What was your ringtone back then?



5 O'Clock Somewhere - Alan Jackson & Jimmy Buffett Oh Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett, if you'd known back then that a decade later every single country song would sound exactly the same and tell the same story with the same melody, would you have written this song? 



Landslide - Dixie Chicks Twenty-eight years after Steive Nicks wrote a magnificent reflection on aging and family, the Dixie Chicks had a mega-hit with Landslide.



Like A Stone - Audioslave Twelve years after Kurt Cobain turned the music world on its ear, if you were a band with guitars in it, you had to be brooding in order to have a hit. Want to hear a really good drum recording? Listen to this song (in something better than an mp3 on something better than your cheapo earbuds. 



Crazy In Love - Beyonce ft. Jay-Z Before they took over the world they had a hit with this little ditty. Which lasts longer, the legs of this hit or the reign of the power couple?


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