By Jack Sharkey, April 14, 2017



Week 15 finds us at the beginning of the new millenia. A year removed from 9/11 the music world was responding to the events of that day, while female solo artists ruled the airwaves. Napster was changing the way we listened to (and acquired) music, as rock & roll took a back seat to pop and new R&B. 


A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton Channeling her inner Billy Joel circa 1973, Vanessa Carlton was the rare turn-of-the-century pop ingenue who sang and played. Alas, although her career kept chugging along, she will mostly be remembered among the pantheon of modern one hit wonders.



Complicated - Avril Lavigne Skater punk, rock chick, pop star, mall brat? Yes, and at the time of this writing there are legions of 32 year-old men roaming the countryside still carrying the torch for Canada's answer to Joan Jett.



The Middle - Jimmy Eat World Pop-punkers (punk-poppers?) Jimmy Eat World took the world by storm with one of the few guitar-band hits in 2002. But with that hook, how could this not be a hit? 



Get the Party Started - Pink A little scary and edgey in the that middle-class suburban Philadelphia way, Pink had no less than four singles chart during 2002. Get the Party Started was the perfect mix of post-modern punk slash hip-hop slash retro-chic. Does anyone else hear the ghost of Lady Miss Kier and Dee-Light?  



Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning) - Alan Jackson Most of the overt reflection of the 9/11 attacks the year earlier came from the Country music scene. Some were angry, some were full of lament, some were chesty and full of bravado, but Alan Jackson's cross-over hit summed up the message as succinctly and quietly as possible. 

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