By Jack Sharkey, April 21, 2017



The first year of the new millenia finds the charts saying goodbye to the last of the Classic Rockers, while new rockers show some promise, but it's the producer-based artist that gains the exclusive foothold that will last for the better part of the next two decades.


I'm Like A Bird - Nellie Furtado A great song, but this one is important because of its influence on the styles of female vocalists for years to come. From American Idol, to The Voice, to pretty much every female pop solo artist since, Furtado's unique nasal/throat style rules the day still.



Hanging By A Moment - Lifehouse The decadence of the 70s, the swagger of the 80s and the anger of the 90s came to its logical rock & roll conclusion in the 00's with...the mortally wounded front man. Like Furtado, the influence of Hanging By A Moment would also be felt for years to come. 



Jaded - Aerosmith After re-inventing themselves a decade earlier, Aerosmith has their last dance on the charts. Never the critics' favorites, Mama Kin's favorite rockers are the ultimate rock & roll story of throwing it all away and earning it back again.



Beautiful Day - U2 Quick! Name an 80s band that survived past the 90s, let alone into the 2000s! How'd you know? And as if that weren't enough, fifteen years after All That You Leave Behind hit the street, U2 and Apple ganged up for one of the biggest marketing flops in all of rock & roll history when they foced all of us loyal Apple users to take Songs of Innocence for free. 



Independent Women - Destiny's Child While the world still breathlessly awaits Independent Women Part 2, we're left to ponder the delicious irony that this song was done for a movie that basically celebrated a mid-70s show that well, had very little to do with the strong independent minds of its stars.   

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