By Jack Sharkey, May 5, 2017



There was some really great pop music released in 1999, but on the charts, the year will most likely be remembered as a desultory trip of pre-packaged throw-away pop. Maybe the music world was just holding its collective breath for the Y2k meltdown we were all panicking about. Of course, in retrospect Cher's big hit was a chilling glimpse of what was to come.  



Every Morning - Sugar Ray Were they a rock band? A Boy Band? A talk show host incubator? Los Angeles' sunny yet slightly dangerous contribution to pop music ruled the airwaves, so whatever dude.  



Believe - Cher Say what you will about Cher and her (at the time) 35 year music career, she didn't need auto-tune and used it because it was a cool new effect. Unfortunately we're all stuck with it now. Thanks Cher. 



Baby One More Time - Britney Spears [Insert snarky comment about the death of popular music here]. Editor's note: All comments on this song have been removed because, well, it's the right thing to do. That being said, we can all thank *NSync and the Backstreet Boys for everything from the melody line to the instrumentation to that fact that this song was uber-huge.  



Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilera The drum loop sounds quaint, in that decade-out-of-style way, but the dance-first-sing-second craze was on, and Ms. Aguilera brought talent and skill to the genre. Also, another 90s pop star who is now a game show/talk show host: The cycle never ends in spite of how hip we all once were.  



Jumper - Third Eye Blind LA ruled the late 90s with hit after hit of sunny, mildly edgey pop tunes, but 400 miles or so up the coast, a darker sound was running the show, and no band exemplified that more than Third Eye Blind. Just as the sunny LA sound was pop's answer to the grunge movement seven years before, pop rock would soon follow Third Eye Blind in the pursuit of edge and grit.  

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