By Jack Sharkey, June 16, 2017



Movie theme songs and soundtracks hits made there mark in 1993, as they would for the rest of the decade, but hip-hop, rock, pop and a hit that was already 6 years old (and would return again twenty-two years later) also made their marks on the charts. 


I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston The mega-hit from the soundtrack to the Kevin Costner / Whitney flick The Bodyguard was orginally written in 1971 by Dolly Parton who had a Country hit with it in 1974. If you're in a honky-tonk somewhere and you want to win a bet, Parton's 1974 recording was also included in the soundtrack of the 1982 movie The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas



Jump Around - House of Pain Gangster Rap had not yet become Gangsta Rap, in fact it was still just called Rap - a true form of folk music that hadn't yet made its way fully to the mainstream. Produced by Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs, Boston's House of Pain had a minor hit with Jump Around at the exact right time - opening a new form of hip-hop to the mainstream. Samples used in the song include bits from Chubby Checker, Junior Walker and the All-Stars and the original 1963 Harlem Shuffle.    



Runaway Train - Soul Asylum A great song all on its own, Runaway Train became an icon of the early 90s because of the power of the video. Using actual photos and clips of lost, missing or exploited children interspersed with band footage and dramatization, the song has been credited with solving over 20 cases of missing children although bandmembers disputed this, with guitarist Dan Murphy saying that many of the cases didn't end happily, and that because of the video some kids were forced back into bad situations after being found. The pure power of art in all its fury.       



River of Dreams - Billy Joel The bigget hit of off Joel's final studio album, the record itself was a bit of a downer as it examined Joel's life and struggles prior to his divorce from Christie Brinkley, River of Dreams was a lyrical examination of his darkness juxtaposed with the light positivity of the southern Gospel-tinged arrangement. And all of that bass? Double-tracked of course. 



(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles - The Proclaimers Originally released on the Proclaimer's delightful 1988 album Sunshine of Leith it was a minor hit in the UK, but it's addition to the 1993 film Benny & Joon soundtrack exploded 500 Miles in the mega-hit category. Proving its strength and durability, the tune was the soundtrack to Budweiser's 2015 "Lost Dog" Super Bowl commercial and it's presently enjoying renewed attention as the soundtrack to a commerical for Ford's Edge.     

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