By Jack Sharkey, June 30, 2017



The Eighties were still in full swing. Until September. Everything changed in September. 

Kiss Them For Me - Siouxsie & the Banshees The perfect bridge between the lithe excess of the Eighties and the hardcore ennui and rage of all the time after. Bjork, Florence and her Machine, Hurray For the Riff-Raff, Lucius, and a whole host of others owe Siouxsie a shout out.



Good Vibration - Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch Is he the better looking brother of a New Kid On the Block, a rapper who could give Vanilla Ice a run for his money, or a two-time co-star to a crude but funny teddy bear? Yes, Mark Wahlberg is all of those things. And more.     



Hunger Strike - Temple of the Dog Two of Seattle's biggest bands (and in 1991 that meant two of the biggest bands in the world) joined forces to perform Chris Cornell's touching tribute to a friend, and the world embraced the song for whatever it needed on its own. A true timeless classic.         



Alive - Pearl Jam The thing about Seatlle grunge, like it's hip-hop cousin a few hundred miles down the road in LA and punk 15 years before, was that it touched us in a place we all would rather have left alone while we spent our days binging and dancing, and that scared us all to death. But like we were all learning at the end of the Eighties, binging and dancing was just not a good plan.  



Smells Like teen Spirit - Nirvana The future was doomed and the world was going to hell in a hand-basket, and Nirvana made us stick our hands in our pockets and shrug while we faced the bleakness. After the Beatles in February of 1964, nothing - and there really is no argument - changed the world like Nirvana did.     

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