By Jack Sharkey, August 31, 2017



Two years into its existence, MTV dictated the look and sound of the culture with help from some innovative artists who seized the moment.   


Karma Chameleon - Culture Club Using footage apparently shot in Mississippi in 1870, Boy George and his gang stormed into our living rooms and everyone was happy - even if hardly anyone admitted it.  


You Might Think - The Cars The drums were big - and fake, the video was a CGI triumph (and maybe even a Mystery Science Theater 3000 inspiration), but the decade we fondly recall as "the Eighties" were officially unleashed with this release from Boston's punk-poppers..    


Holiday - Madonna And of course...Madonna. Watching this video again brings back a lot of bad memories from all of that bad dancing at all of those over-the-top weddings I was forced to, I mean I was honored to, attend back in the day. Oye.   


Do They Know It's Christmas? - Band Aid The charity effort and ubiquity of this song as a perennial Christmas ear-worm notwithstanding, watching this video you are reminded just how much Brit-pop ruled both sides of the Atlantic in the early 80s.


When Doves Cry - Prince It was unlike any song ever heard before at the same time it was totally accessible and instantly recognizable. The perfect pop song, then or now. Plus, if you were over a certain age, Prince scared the innards out of you, and that made it all the better.



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