By Jack Sharkey, November 3, 2017



A truly transitional year that set the stage for some major things to come with the release of some fabulous music by more than a few acts that had been knocking around for a while


Born To Run - Bruce Springsteen He had been tearing up the Jersey Shore for a few years and everyone expected him to break out eventually. That happened in September and for the next decade Asbury Park's most famous son was as big as they get.  


Love Hurts - Nazareth Glasgow's heavy-drinking heavy-hitting Nazareth had been an underground favorite for years, but Manny Charlton's gigantic production on Hair of the Dog and its breakout single Love Hurts set the stage for that 1980s staple - the power ballad, and the love song was never the same again.     


Fame - David Bowie The Starman was emerging from his glam period and entering a debilitating cocaine habit while morphing into the Thin White Duke. In 1975, David Bowie was well on his way to becoming the Rock Star for the ages.   


Jive Talkin' - Bee Gees A holdover from the British Invasion (by way of Australia), the Bee Gees had been successful but had been in a dry spell before Jive Talkin' hit in the summer of '75. This monster hit is a truly transitional song bridging the rock/pop of the early Seventies and the Disco Era, which the Bee gees would rule supreme.


Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell A studio musician in the 1960s with the Wrecking Crew and the first touring replacement for Brian Wilson with the Beach Boys, Campbell had a few hits in the late 60s, but in 1975 he set the course for Country music on a straight line from Rhinestone Cowboy to Garth Brooks.    



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