By Jack Sharkey, November 17, 2017



The rest of the world was unpredictable and a little bit crazy, but the pop charts were a microcosm of the good that music can bring in difficult times. Every genre had a strong run on the charts and we were all the better for it.


Ramblin' Man - The Allman Brothers Band After four years of relentless touring, the Allman Brothers Band had their only Top Ten hit with a country song that became their hallmark. Sadly, bassist Berry Oakley would die in a mototcycle crash nine days after this performance was filmed.  


Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye Tame by today's standards, Let's Get it On was a scandalous hit in 1973 but the song was so good everyone put aside their puritanical sensibilities and enjoyed themselves for a bit.    


Crocodile Rock - Elton John Everyone assumed Elton John's career would be big, but in 1973 no one really knew how big it was going to be. This is pretty much the song that put him over the top.    


Superfly - Curtis Mayfield After the tumult of the Sixties, society needed a break so grit and reality were pushed underground for lighter fare in movies and music, but the grit was real and it was inescapable and no one shone a light on it better than Curtis Mayfield.


Money - Pink Floyd Arguably the biggest record in rock and roll history, it couldn't have just been high school stoners who kept Dark Side of the Moon on Billboard's Top Albums chart well into the 1980s. Money takes a look at the grit and reality of the early 1970s from a completely different perspective but the message is still the same.    



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