By Jack Sharkey, December 28, 2017



What a wild ride the last fifty years have been - some of the greatest music ever written was readily available to anyone with a transistor radio or, now, a Spotify account. A look at the charts in 1967 makes it pretty difficult to pick just five songs that are representative of the era, but these come as close as we can probably get.


Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones Starting a pattern they would follow for the next four or five decades, the Rolling Stones got in on the early wave of psychedlia in 1967 with the massively well-crafted Ruby Tuesday.    


Happy Together - The Turtles  New York's song-mill contribution to the Summer of Love, the Turtles' Happy Together remains a iconic of the period. As their alter-egos Flo & Eddit, Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan would record background vocals on future monster hits like Bang A Gong by T. Rex and Bruce Springsteen's Hungry Heart.     


Pleasant Valley Sunday - The Monkees Written by Carole King, with music recorded by the amazing musicians from the Wrecking Crew and performed (at least vocally) by the cheery pre-fab Monkees, Pleasant Valley Sunday shows the West Coast music industry at the zenith of its power.       


Respect - Aretha Franklin From the Delta South by way of Stax in Memphis Tennessee, Miss Franklln showed us all what the power of soul and an amazing intrument can do. Self-described Divas from every point after this song was released tried, but couldn't (and still can't) match the power of Aretha in her prime with her perfect combination of pipes, attitude and the dust of life. Since shortened to "props," Respect was also the first time the word "propers" shows up in the mainstream as a verb.      


All You Need Is Love - Beatles On June 25, 1967, for the first time in history 700,00,000 people around the globe tuned to the same television program at the same time to watch entertainers and artists from nineteen different countries perform in the Our World television special. The highlight was this special performance from the Beatles.          

Well, that's it, 50 Years - 5 Songs in 50 Weeks. We hope you enjoyed this journey through the evolution of pop music over the past fifty years! 


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